Welcome! Use this page to download forms from the Marriage Building 101 Small Group Study for yourself or your entire group.

Note: These forms are meant to help give action steps to what you learn each week and supplement the teaching in the workbook, but they are not required to make the course complete. 

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Games and Activity Ideas + Couple Handout

WEEK 1 – It’s Not Good To Be Alone

– Marriage is Hard Work Form

WEEK 2 – Why Are We So Different?

Marriage Building 101 Prayer Cards (Product)

WEEK 3 – Communication

– Five Year Plan Form

WEEK 4 – Money Matters

– The Project Priority Form

WEEK 5 – Having Children, Staying Sane

– This week’s recommended resource is a personality/gifts test from the book “Discover Your God-Given Gifts” by Don and Katie Fortune. (This is suggested as a good resource, but not required for this small group.) 

A Parent’s Prayer List (printable)

WEEK 6 – Building a Fire in the Rain (Sex)

(Bonus Form) Coming Soon! 


(Find the kit that’s right for your needs.)

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