Life is busy and often, we’re having to learn as we go. It helps when we can cut things back to the essentials.

That’s why this month, we’ve created the Marriage Building Essentials Set as a thank you gift for your donation of $35 or more to the Fighting for Families radio outreach.

Part of building a stronger marriage is making sure you address every area (including your money and your children).

In the Marriage Building Essentials Set you get something to help with every area of your marriage and family.

The set includes:

  • Marriage Building Essentials 3-Disc series. Topics include: 10 Reasons to Date Your Spouse, Marriage Inventory, and Blessed or Broke.
  • Two Marriage Building 101 Prayer Cards (that fit perfectly in any billfold, wallet or on a fridge.)
  • Telling Your the Truth Scripture Card set. These 31 confessions cards make it simple to teach your child God’s Word on a daily basis.



Laugh-and-Learn tools  to build a stronger marriage.


Another family the same opportunity to laugh, learn, and have their hope restored through God’s Word as they listen to the Fighting for Families radio outreach.

Become a legacy builder (a monthly partner).

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