If you’re married, realize this; you and your spouse have the potential to be the most powerful, problem-solving unit on the planet.

You might not see it right now. In fact, you might think, There’s no way! We can’t even agree on little things. How could we ever be a powerful, problem-solving unit? But that’s what God intended for your marriage to be.

Most people go into marriage thinking they married someone just like themselves. Eventually, they discover they’re not as alike as they thought they were. That’s when the growing pains begin. They start out thinking, Man, this is going to be wonderful! We’re a perfect match! We think alike. We like the same food, movies, and activities. This is going to be awesome!

Then one day they realize something—marriage isn’t like dating; it’s a lot harder. Now they’re doing life together, and they have to make decisions and solve problems. All of a sudden they realize, we don’t think alike at all! Suddenly, what was once fun becomes incredibly hard work. Each person believes their way of thinking and doing things is the “right” way. They have to learn to work together to make decisions and solve problems.

At times, many couples will avoid dealing with problems altogether just to avoid conflict and keep the peace. But a peacemaker isn’t someone who ignores problems. A peacemaker is a problem-solver. Avoiding problems will lead to frustration and eventually a blow-up. If you’re going to grow together, you can’t be afraid to engage each other and discuss issues. That’s how you solve problems. 

Watch & Be Encouraged

The Take Away:

Address problems together. Be willing to set aside time and discuss problem areas in an objective way. Walk in love and realize that you and your spouse are on the same team. You are a problem-solving unit!

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