It’s a spiritual principle in the kingdom of God that order precedes increase. Natural steps lead to supernatural increase and blessing.  

In 2 Kings 4, when the widow said to Elisha, “I’m in debt, Preacher. What am I going to do?” the prophet answered her with a question: “What can you do? 

God is always going to ask us to do something natural before He’ll do something supernatural. So if we’re going to see the supernatural in our financial lives, we’re going to have to prepare for it in the natural. Look at what God’s Word has to say about preparation. 

Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house(Proverbs 24:27 NLT). 

Ants are creatures of little strength, yet they store up their food in the summer (Proverbs 30:25 NIV). 

If we want to have the blessings of God in our homes, our relationships, and our finances, then we need to do what we can in the natural to plan, prepare, and get our lives in order.   

Take Away: 

What can you do in the natural to plan and take natural steps toward increase? Do you need to take a class to develop and grow in a skillset? Do you need to get a budget in place to keep track of your spending? Pray and ask God for wisdom to show you what natural steps you can take to prepare for increase.  

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