Our kids can be a challenge sometimes. Joe shares how he turned one of these times into a “teachable moment”.


Our kids can sometimes be a real challenge.  Most parents, at some point, have the experience of their child telling them that they can’t wait to be on their own.

Joe shares a funny story of how he responded when one of his daughters decided that she couldn’t wait to be gone!  It all worked out… after Joe provided a reality-check!

There are no perfect parents but we can trust God to teach us along the way!


Watch & Be Encouraged

Friday Funnies – Pack Your Bags! from Joe McGee Ministries on Vimeo.

Take Away:

We can trust God to help us raise our kids. There are always going to be challenges where we don’t know exactly how to react but if we use God’s Word to guide us, things are going to come out all right.

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