Today is a milestone and we want to invite you to share it with us!

Over a year ago, we began praying and planning about a new outreach to help restore hope in the lives of families. After much preparation, this past summer, we launched the Fighting for Families radio with Joe.








As a wife and mother of eight I find Joe’s humor and message to be just what I need mid day to lift me up. I listen from my computer as I work from my home office.When My kids walk in the door from school I am renewed in spirt, word and heart. Today my husband worked from home and we were in tears laughing as we could relate to Joes’s stories….in the end it led us to time in scripture in the middle of our work day! – Nolan

Love your program. I listen daily.  My husband likes you a lot. Praise the lord.  You have helped us so much with our new way of thinking. Thank you so much. Things have changed in our home for the better and in our tithing… – Carolyn

I heard Joe speak years ago and really enjoyed the way he explains family, marriage, finances and faith in a real down to earth way. His stories are always hilarious! I appreciate being able to listen to something new everyday while I work. – Charles


It’s so exciting to hear all the great stories from listeners around the country. We encourage you to listen in and be part of what God is doing in the lives of families by becoming a Legacy Builder partner (help change a family for generations to come).




It’s always good to be able to multiply your impact. Sometimes it’s as simple as running an errand and realizing you can also pick up your laundry because it’s right next door or it could be cleaning a closet and finding the keys you’ve been missing.

That’s what you could do with this month’s special offer. As a thank you for your gift of $35 or more, and we’ll send you the Family Finances Action-Pack. If you already have those resources you can give that Action-Pack to a friend who needs some encouragement.

What you’ve done: Encouraged a friend (maybe even changed their life) and helped restore hope in a family’s life (with an impact that will last for generations to come).

That’s multiplying your impact!

January Radio Offer



  Financial Discovery Pack-3


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