Joe & Angel’s Story | A New Beginning

We just want to send out a special message to each of our JMMI Partners! Please take a few minutes to watch the video message from Joe and his new wife Angel. Joe & Angel wanted to first share their story with you, our partners. After watching, please read the special Partner letter below. It will give insight to new things happening at JMMI!

Angel & Joe’s Story 2018 from Joe McGee Ministries on Vimeo.

Partner Letter…

Hi friends!  You know, the great thing about God is when He does something, He does it BIG!

I had no idea that when I married Angel, the dreams in my heart would become explosive!  I quickly realized that, though I was always ministering to the Family, I was still only reaching a portion of what the word “Family” encompasses.

I thought I was sensitive to the single parent, the widower, the divorcee, not to mention a blended family… but I was wrong.  Until you experience this first hand you really don’t know what the journey is like.  In 2016, I became a single parent.  Now, having remarried to someone who is also a single parent, my eyes have been opened to a whole new family dynamic. To me, this experience could only be described as HUGE!

All of this change has been so exciting. After being through the lowest point in my life, God has renewed my heart.  Life is exciting once again. I am dreaming again and have even more compassion in my heart for God’s people and their families. God is concerned about our families no matter what it looks like.

Now I want to share some on where we are going as a ministry family.  I know God wants us to change gears a bit.  As for the radio ministry, we are going to being focusing on our online presence instead. This generation is so connected to social media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.  Things change fast. Ha-Ha! Most people can’t even remember where they put their old VCR!

Another big change is that we are going to start doing our own conventions!  As always, we will be ministering on Marriage, Parenting, Family Finances, as well as some new things like single parenting, and the loss of a spouse.

I am also excited because I want to lead a missions trip to Israel.  These are changing days and I know that God has prepared me for this.

I do have a couple of requests for you my friends.

First, please agree with us, as well as join us in prayer, as we move to make all of this happen.  We believing God to do this work!

Secondly, we are planning to have an online “partner” meeting, periodically.  We will share more details about this in the near future.

Thirdly, please join us!  We need you, joining together with us, in order to move forward.  We cannot do this alone, that is not how God works.  I have to tell you that I am more excited than I have ever been, about what God is doing and where we are going as a ministry.

Each month I will follow up with you about what is happening and we look forward to connecting with each of you, in an even greater way

I am so looking forward to seeing what God is doing for our families, and the Kingdom!

Thank you for joining us in the journey!

Joe and Angel