One of the greatest irritations and complaints that we hear in our marriage seminars from the ladies is, “My husband won’t call me when he’s late. He doesn’t understand why that’s important to me.” 

Most men don’t think checking in with their wife is a big deal. They kind of blow it off with the response, “Well, dear Lord, I’m fine! If I wasn’t fine, you’d hear about it, so quit worrying. I don’t need to check in with you all the time.”  

But realize this, the woman you married became your helpmeet. She left her family name and took on your family name, and she’s entwined with you. She is one with you whether you realize it or not, so she is concerned about where you are.  

Even if you’ve been together for a while, you might think, Well, she should know me by now. Why do I need to constantly check in? But, guys, the sooner you understand and just accept that most women are really big on communication, the easier it will be to have a happy wife and a happy life. It may help you to accept this by realizing that God is big on communication as well. He says, “I know everything about you. I know what you need before you ask, but you still have to ask Me. I want to have a two-way conversation with you.”  

When it comes to any relationship, communication is important. And the simple courtesy of calling if you’re going to be late, or even just checking in once during the day, is a small price to pay to give peace and a sense of security to your wife and help grow your relationship. 

The Take Away:

Ladiesjust a few things to consider when dating: Is he on time for dates? Does he call if he’s running late? How courteous is he? Does he think about your feelings, and is he respectful of your time and schedule? If there are areas that really bother you, is he open to discussing them and being willing to change if need be? 

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