As any parent knows, managing morning madness and the daily routine can be tough. Add on top of that the need to fill your child’s cup up with righteous praise and God’s Word and it can seem overwhelming.

Here’s an encouraging tip from one reader, who saw great results and is loving the new experience on the ride to school.

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Kathy shares a praise report related to Joe’s Daily Devotions with Kids video:

My daughter-in-law relates this to me and I have witnessed it firsthand. They have 5 kids 5-7-9-11-12….Getting them in and out the door on a school morning is a feat in itself, so having quality devotions of ANY sort, seemed like an impossible task.

I had shared one of your funny devotionals and you had mentioned where you had your kids read the Bible on the way to school, while eating, while getting dressed…. That seemed like a very workable solution to her. That is exactly what they have been doing. I take them to school on certain days and we continue the wonderful daily devotions with Proverbs and it is amazing how the pushing, shoving, nasty belittling just does not happen on the way to school anymore!

They get in, they know whose turn it is to read, they listen with great interest and it is a calm, wonderful, blessed trip to school each morning, JUST from this wonderful suggestion! We all LOVE your devotionals and video clips! You make it so real and attainable. We are so very thankful for this simple, yet effective tool to have God’s great Word into their lives every morning. Oh we are so thankful!!
Hebrews 10:35, 36!! Thank you!

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The next step is making sure we’re also making time to teach our children these three important things…