Building Your Family Legacy – DVD Series


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Building Your Family Legacy 

Four-Session DVD 


A legacy is what you pass on to the next generation. It includes your ideals, values, traditions, and faith. God considers the legacy we leave to be extremely important. Remember, the whole reason God chose Abraham to be the father of many nations was because He knew Abraham would pass his faith on to the next generation.


Have you thought about your legacy? What traditions, values, ideals, and faith principles are you instilling in your kids and grandkids? Every person will leave some kind of legacy for their family, but it’s up to each of us to determine what kind of legacy it will be. 


In this series, you’ll learn how to purposefully build your family legacy by gaining a deeper understanding of three primary areas in life that are the most likely to trip you up. They are:


  1.     Sin – We’ll see what it is and how to control it
  2.     Work – We’ll take a look at what it means to be redeemed from the curse of poverty and from just making a living
  3.    Words – What we say matters. We’ll see from God’s Word that life and death are in the power of the tongue.


Using the tools from God’s Word, this series will take you through an encouraging laugh-and-learn teaching that will guide you and give you practical steps to build your family legacy—a godly legacy that will last.



ŸPassing on the Faith

ŸMastering Sin

ŸAnointed for Business

ŸThe Power of Words





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