Family Finances – Book

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Family Finances – Book

God Has a great plan for your family. 
That plan will cost money and that means God must have a plan for your money.
If we are not handling our finances in line with God’s plan then our whole life is out of joint. No matter how spiritual we may think we are, we will never experience the fullness of God’s blessing until we bring our money matters in line with the principles in His Word. 
We must blend the two economies of cash and faith together so we can learn to live in blessing and abundance.
• Helpful worksheets are included in the workbook.
Topics Include:
• The Five Principles of Financial Security
• Blessed or Broke? Controlling Your Attitudes, Beliefs, and Behavior
• Order Precedes Increase: The Easy Way to Put Your Financial House in Order
• Insurance: What you Need and What you Don’t
• How to Wipe Out your Debt
• How to Shop for a House, a Car, Food, and Other Necessities

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1 review for Family Finances – Book

  1. Anonymous

    I am using the book and CD series to lead a financial small group with my church in Alabama. I am finding the message CD’s to be the perfect base teaching for my group. We are using the book as the study quide. I have found Mr. McGee’s teachings to be practical and loaded with scripture. The first message really locks you in and then it’s teach, teach, teach. This is our 1st time using this material in a small group setting but I can see us using it again. Good Material and a great value.

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