God Knows How To Raise Your Kids Even If You Don’t – Book


God Knows How to Raise Your Kids – Book 

(Newly Revised)
This book covers the topics from Joe’s Biblical Parenting 101 series in written, easy-to-read form. This insightful and humorous manual is a must read for every parent, whether your children are toddlers or teens. 
Gain new confidence in your role as a mom or dad from these easy-to-follow, foundational principles of parenting.
Topics Include:
• Planting a Great Vision
• Discipline
• Gifts and Callings
• Friends, Courtship and Sex

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  1. Anonymous

    Can’t speak highly enough of this book! A must-read for every parent. Changed how I parent… and opened my eyes to so much!!! And even though the book is about parenting… there are so many nuggets of wisdom about so many other areas of life! It is so full of God’s Word… and so applicable to every phase and situation of parenting. So thankful to Pastor Joe for writing this!

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