God’s Amazing Book


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God’s Amazing Book


The best way to give our children a true sense of self-worth and a good vision for their life is to introduce them to their Heavenly Father. We do this by teaching them about God’s Word. His character, His promises and His love are all on display as we read His Word. We are to teach our children line upon line, precept upon precept (Isaiah 28:13).  

Even before our children can read for themselves, it’s important to spend time reading books like this one that feature truths from God’s Word! 


This hardback book is filled with 28 colorful illustrated pages that feature a Scripture truth that can encourage and teach our children! 

 Author: Kathleen Ruckman

Illustrator: Lauretta Davies


(Some of what is featured in the book…)

God’s Word guides your steps like a flashlight in the dark:

Read Psalm 119:105


The words in the Bible are like seeds; they help you grow:

Read 2 Peter 3:18


God’s Word helps keep your heart clean when you read 

and obey it.

Read Psalm 119:9


The Bible is like a map when you don’t know which way to turn:

Read Isaiah 30:21

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