Man: Lover, Leader, Provider – USB Audio Series

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Man: Lover, Leader, Provider –

6-Part Audio Series on (1) USB Flash Drive. 

As men, we have to realize maturity doesn’t necessarily come with age.
In every culture and civilization, men have fought to find their place. Confusion about man’s true purpose can cause today’s men to react with behavior that can eventually destroy them. 
Thank God the history-changing invasion of Jesus Christ into the human race allowed man to rediscover his God-given purpose and to live a life far greater and more adventurous than he could ever imagine.
In this series, you’ll discover the three purposed of man as well as the three fundamental roles established for him by God in whose image man is made.
Topics Include:
• Why Men Fail
• Men are Lovers
• Men are Leaders
• Men are Providers

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3 reviews for Man: Lover, Leader, Provider – USB Audio Series

  1. Anonymous

    These CD’s helped to save my marriage and to show me the way to be a man of Christ. I listened to them over and over in the car while commuting and I have passed two sets of these CD’s off to other men in our church. This is a must listen for any man who has or hopes to have a wife and family.

  2. Anonymous

    I have listened to this CD series around 30 times and have been amazed at how much information is packed inside these 6 CD’s. If you are a husband or father, I would highly recommend this series. You won’t be disappointed.

  3. Anonymous

    After 22 years of christian marriage I was taking a lot for granted. I was making a lot of assumptions and was blind to many issues that needed attention. My wife and I had just had a very serious discussion and I was just starting to understand what my wife was telling me when Joe McGee spoke at our church and hit point for point what my wife had been saying. Guys, you don’t want to wait for your wife to have to tell you. Get this CD and hear it from a man – Joe McGee. While listening to Man, Lover, Leader, Provider I have pushed the play and pause button over and over again while taking notes and committing in writing to changes I am going to make in the way I relate to my wife and four kids. I will love, lead, provide and pray for my wife and kids like never before. Thank you God and Thank you Joe for this CD and for your ministry.

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