Marriage Building 101 – MP3 Series


Marriage Building 101 

5-Message MP3 Series

You don’t just find a great marriage. You build one. 
In order to build a strong and fulfilling relationship, you need the right tools which most of us got married without. 
The good news is it’s never too late to learn.
This series is for any age couple that has tied the knot or is tied up in knots. 
What You’ll Learn:
– What the purpose of marriage is.
– How to communicate with your spouse.
– How to work together in your finances and even start planning for your future.
– How to parent successfully in a way that helps your marriage.
– What God thinks about your sex life and how to make time for each other.
This foundational teaching will provide you with the tools from God’s Word to build a life together and a relationship worth remembering. 
Topics Include:
– It’s Not Good to Be Alone
– Somebody Talk To Me 
– Money, Money, Money
– Having Children, Staying Sane
– Building a Fire in the Rain (Sex)

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