Marriage Building 101 Small Group Workbook


Marriage Building 101 Workbook

Small Group Study / Participant’s Guide

You don’t find a great marriage. You build one.

Great relationships are no accident. They must be purposefully and continuously built. Building a great marriage requires skills that we weren’t born with and many of us got married without, but the good news is that it’s never too late to learn.

Marriage Building 101 is for every couple who has tied the knot or is tied up in knots. This foundational teaching provides couples of all ages and stages with the tools they need from God’s Word to build a rich, loving and a successful life together.


This workbook goes with the Marriage Building 101 (six week) small group study kit.


Topics Covered: 

-It’s Not Good To Be Alone

-Why Are We So Different?


-Money Matters

-Having Children, Staying Sane

-Building a Fire In The Rain (Sex)


About the Author

mb101-couple-shot.png Joe McGee, author, teacher and former school administrator, mixes years of personal experience withprinciples of God’s Word to bring pointed, but humorous illustrations that will challenge youto become what God has intended you to be. 

As a husband of more than forty years, a father of six children and grandfather, Joe, along with his wife, Denise, has invested the past thirty years in training people from all walks of life in family, marriage and parenting relationships. 

His laugh-and-learn approach removes barriers and provides a refreshing point of view, a new hope for better families and a deeper commitment to obey God’s Word.



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