Of Course I Love You – USB Audio Series


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Of Course I Love You! 

4-Part Audio Series on (1) USB Flash Drive. 

“Do you love me?”
Nearly every married person has asked their spouse that question at some time or another.
And the answer is almost always, “ Of course I love you!”
Love is an incredible force. The Bible says, “God is Love.”  Unfortunately, many believers grow up not fully understanding what real love is. Love is an action, not a feeling. It’s not the emotional goose bumps you get in the pit of your stomach. 
The Word of God gives clear instruction about giving and receiving love. Our part is simple-but its not always easy. When we hear and do what God says, He supplies the goose bumps.
Topics Include:
• Of Course I Love You!
• How Do I Love Thee?
• Why Do You Love Me?
• My Marriage Would be Better, If Only…

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