Principles To Teach Your Children + Scripture – MP3


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Principles To Teach Your Children –
MP3 / Digital Download

As parents, it can be daunting to determine what our children need to learn in order to be successful in life. Fortunately, the Word of God tells us what to teach our children and how to teach them. Listen in to this laugh-and-learn message as we cover this powerful topic.

Children’s “Taught of the Lord” Scripture Print

Digital Download

Along with the MP3 message, you can download the children’s “Taught of the Lord” scripture print. This 8×10 personalized scripture can be printed and framed or posted on the refrigerator. It’s a great reminder of what God promises us in His Word. 



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  1. Anonymous

    What an awesome message for parents shared with mops group at our church .Told the girls no matter where you are in parenting these will work for you if you apply them .

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