Scorecards for the Future Spouse – CD Series


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Scorecards for the Future Spouse 

2 CD Series


 This series is not meant to be a scorecard for picking the “perfect” mate because there are no perfect people. (We’re all growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ – 2 Peter 3:18.)

This series is meant to be used as  guide to know what God’s Word says about being and picking a spouse. 

God’s Word should be our guide in all areas of life, including this one. It’s crucial to use wisdom as we walk through this process. 

Whether you’re single or dating someone, this is a great study in knowing what to look for in a future spouse and what to work on in yourself. Remember: This is as much a guide for what we need to be as for what we need to look for in others.



What you will learn:

What to look for or to be (for Future Husbands)

What to look for or to be (for Future Wives)


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