SMART MOMS: Think, Say, Do, Pray – MP3 Series


SMART MOMS: Think, Say, Do, Pray 

4 MP3 Series // NEW FROM JOE 


(We’re excited to release the newest resource in the SMART MOMS series!)

As a mom, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the daily grind, get worried that you aren’t doing anything right, and start to believe that you’ll never measure up to expectations (your own or other people’s). 

SMART MOMS don’t let their feelings and the opinions of others determine their value or how successful they are as a parent. They know that God’s opinion is what matters and they look to His Word as their guide for parenting success. 

This series will help you find answers to your toughest parenting questions and encourage you past your frustrations, as you are equipped through God’s Word, to continue to grow as a mother. 

Topics Include:

  • What the SMART MOM Thinks
  • What the SMART MOM Says
  • What the SMART MOM Does
  • What the SMART MOM Prays 

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