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Sponsor a Fighting for Families Radio Episode

Your tax-deductible donation will go directly to sponsor a Fighting for Families radio episode.



Just one episode can change a life…

Each episode makes an impact on someone’s life. 

“I just listened to Joe for the first time on my way to work yesterday morning on 99.1 in KY… I have a 45 min commute to work each morning in which I normally pray the whole way, however I finished about 10 min before I got there yesterday and was scanning the radio and came across Joe’s message… WOW!!! I laughed and took a lot from his message so much that I shared with my wife and in-laws which we were visiting last night, and then when my wife and I got home we watched another message on Youtube… It was from 2013 about marriage, we laughed and then talked about the message before going to bed. I also shared that message with a few guys at work this morning and also listened to Joe’s message this morning.” – Russell

Be part of changing someone’s life by sharing God’s Word and the hope it restores! 


This program is reaching people with the message of hope restored through God’s Word. Families are in great need of encouragement and we believe these families are worth fighting for! 

Like one listener wrote to us, “we all need to join the fight for families.” 

We ask you to join the fight for families by sponsoring an episode of Fighting for Families radio. The show runs six days a week all year long. Sponsor one of those episodes and be part of encouraging and equipping, even more, people like Russell. 

Learn more about Fighting for Families here.


Give monthly and become a Legacy Builder Partner with Joe McGee Ministries.

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