The DIY Dad – Audio Series

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The DIY Dad

4-Part Audio Series on (1) USB Flash Drive. 

Dad, daddy, pop, papa, pa, and father—many names, but the same job description. 

The term “fathering” means to treat with protective care. It means to be involved, to behave responsibly, to be emotionally engaged, to be physically available, to provide financial support, and to have influence in child-raising decisions. 

“Fathers” are a God-idea. The Creator of the Universe describes himself as a Father. His Word has specific instructions for how every dad can fill that role successfully.

In this series, you’ll discover what God says about the role of the father. You’ll learn the principles and guidelines from the Word that will help you to become the father God intends for you to be. 

What You Will Learn: 

• The three primary roles of a father.
• Practical tips for training your children.
• The biblical principles to teach your children. 

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1 review for The DIY Dad – Audio Series

  1. Anonymous

    this series is by far the best teaching on being a father I have ever heard. I am a father of two boys and this teaching made a significant difference in how I act as a dad. Get it and you will love it!

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