The Field Guide to Marriage – USB Audio Series

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The Field Guide to Marriage

6-Part Audio Series on (1) USB Flash Drive. 

Two becoming one is a life changing step and a little preparation goes a long way when you’re trying to build a life together.

A field guide is meant to help you identify the unknown and make you better prepared when you encounter it – that’s what this series will do for you!

Whether you want to get married or have been married for a while, this series covers over 100 questions to talk out with your spouse as you plan your life together.

Whether it’s talking about what type of place you’ll live in, whether or not you want a television in the bedroom, or where you spend the holidays, talking it out helps you to become a better team.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The Home
  • Money
  • Work 
  • Sex & Health 
  • Family & Children
  • Friends and Spiritual Life

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1 review for The Field Guide to Marriage – USB Audio Series

  1. Anonymous

    very good series cd seemed a little short.want to hear MORE from joe CD#2 was BLANK! excellent teaching

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