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This product bundle is perfect for the newly wed or those celebrating their 30th anniversary. 

It can be so easy to fall into “maintenance mode” in your marriage, but according to God’s Word our lives should make people ask us the about the hope that’s in us (1 Peter 3:15) and that means our marriages should do the same.

You don’t just find a great marriage; you build one. That means we need to purposefully and continuously build it  using the tools we find in God’s Word. 


This pack is designed to:

-help couples avoid the “maintenance mode” pitfall.

-equip them with the tools to build a strong marriage using God’s Word.

-get a vision for their marriage and life.

-learn how to start praying and getting in agreement over that vision.


This pack includes:

-Marriage Building 101 CD series

-Know Prayer, Know Power CD series

-2 Marriage Building prayer cards (one for each person)


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