Training Teens Pack

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Training Teens Pack

God promises us that our children will be a mighty seed on this earth, and raising teens can be a whole new challenge for parents. They’re no longer adorable little kids, but young adults with a will of their own. Between social lives, dating, college and career, there’s a lot to cover, but God hasn’t left you high and dry – there’s an answer for all of that!

This Pack Includes:

  • Parenting Teens: 6-Part Audio Series on (1) USB Flash Drive. 
  • Teaching Teens To Resist Peer Pressure: 6-Part Audio Series on (1) USB Flash Drive. 
  • Leadership 101: 6-Part Audio Series on (1) USB Flash Drive. 
  • Eight Things No Kid Should Leave Home Without: 6-Part Audio Series on (1) USB Flash Drive + Book

Topics Covered Include:

  • Helping teens navigate their social lives
  • Helping teens understand and avoid peer pressure
  • Understanding the rules of dating
  • Training your children to be leaders
  • 8 character traits that will prepare your teens to be successful adults

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