A Practical Guide for Couples

The number one predictor of divorce is the habitual avoidance of conflict. The other extreme is to live with unresolved conflict—like a never-ending fight.

Neither of these behaviors will help you create the strong, fulfilling marriage relationship you want.

Arguments cannot always be avoided, but they don’t have to be destructive.

Most conflict comes from a lack of proper communication. You need to know what the Word of God says about how to engage in conversation and how to resolve conflicts successfully. It’s about solving a problem, not winning a fight. When you approach this biblically, you’ll have the tools to build something great.

Discover how to stop avoiding conflict and start resolving it together!

The Take Away

Instead of avoiding conflict, you need tools to help you resolve it. In this clip, you’ll get ten tools to help you have a fair fight — that can help you bring resolution and not resentment.

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