As parents, we want to protect our children, but there is one bully they are guaranteed to face and we need to train our children to stand up to them.

The Bible says that kids are a blessing from God, and Psalm 127:5 (NIV) says, “Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” My wife and I have six of them, so I am one blessed man! I’m thankful for each one of my kids, and I know that Denise’s and my job is to raise them to be a godly seed. We’re to train them in the Word of God and teach them from an early age who they are in Christ, what God says about them, what God says they can have, what God says they can do, and how they’re supposed to interact with others.

I want my kids to know they don’t have to live according to Murphy’s Law or live some sad, country song kind of life. They can live according to a higher law—God’s law of blessing—and have happy, successful, abundant lives.


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A good parent’s greatest instinct is to protect their kids. However, I realized a long time ago that I can’t protect my kids from every evil thing comes against them. Satan is the temporary god of this little planet, and He’s going to do his best to “steal, kill, and destroy” everyone he can (John 10:10). My kids are no exception. So that means I need to train them in the Word so they’ll know how to stand up to the devil and walk in the victory that God’s already provided for them.

Satan is already defeated, but he doesn’t want you or your kids to know that. First Peter 5:8-9 says that he walks around roaring like a big, ferocious lion trying to bully people and scare them into believing that he’s bigger than God and that God’s Word isn’t true. But when you know the truth, you won’t be fooled or give into his bullying. You’ll stare him in the face and say, “You can roar all you want, Devil! But this is what God says about that!”

(Use the Telling Your Child the Truth scripture card set to start teaching them early.)

Once you start quoting the Word to him and stand your ground, he won’t hang around for very long. He’ll tuck his tail between his legs and take off!

Parents, train your kids in the Word so they’ll know how to stand up and whip that big bully!


When bad situations come along, train your kids how to respond and handle things based on the Word of God. Maybe they got teased at school or feel that a teacher treated them unfairly, or maybe there are specific fears they’re battling, but what does God’s Word say about that situation? What scripture can they use as their “go to” scripture to pray and confess over that situation? Read James 1:2-5 in the New Living Translation.

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