Something Every Father Goes Through

When you first become a father, you’re just focused on making sure your child and your wife are happy and healthy. After that, reality starts to sink in.

You begin to wonder how you’re going to pay for things and how you’re going to provide a life for your family. Then you start to wonder when it happened that you dropped to the bottom of the totem pole.

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How-To: Become the Father God Equipped You to Be

Dads, are you wondering if you have what it takes to be a good father?

Every parent wonders if they are doing anything right, let alone everything right. Do their children have enough? Can they provide for them? Are they teaching them what they need to know?

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by doubts. Listen as Joe shares how to become the father God has equipped you to be.

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The Value of Teaching


It’s National Teacher’s Day! It’s a great time to celebrate those who teach as a profession and all they do to help the next generation.

It’s also a great time to remember that, as parents, we are called to teach and train our children.

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Investing in the next generation is the reason why God chose Abraham. Listen in as Joe shares why there is such value in teaching.

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How to Cover Tough Topics with Your Child

What happens when you run into a tough situation, as a parent? 

No matter what your child has just brought up or is dealing with, it’s important to not overreact. Then, you need to go to God’s Word to find the answer to their situation.

Whatever the circumstance is, God’s Word has the answer. By reading it, you can help your child navigate tough situations at school, in relationships, and anything else they may encounter.


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Preparing Your Child to Leave the Nest


There’s an old saying, “Marriage is forever, children are just passing through.” This statement is so true.
I’ll always be Dad to my kids, and we’ll always have a relationship.

However, as their dad, the most important thing I need to do is make sure my children are ready to go out into the world and do whatever God has called them to do.

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