Carefully Consider Your Ways

Many people put no effort into planning their financial lives. They live month to month and when a crisis hits they say, “It’ll be OK. Everything will work out.”

They think they’re in faith, but actually they’re shifting their lack of responsibility over onto God. They expect Him to work financial miracles for them, and yet they haven’t done their part in the natural to plan and make sure their finances are in order. God has a lot of mercy, and He will take care of you; however, He also expects you to walk in wisdom and do your part in the natural to be financially responsible.

Haggai 1:5-7 says, “Now, this is what the Lord of Armies says: Carefully consider your ways!  You planted a lot, but you harvested little. You eat, but you’re never full. You drink, but you’re still thirsty. You wear clothing, but you never have enough to keep you warm. You spend money as fast as you earn it.  This is what the Lord of Armies says: Carefully consider your ways!

If we’re not where we want to be financially, then we need to carefully consider our ways. That means we first need to find out what we have and what we owe. Then we need to create a spending plan (a budget) and also some kind of a system to monitor our progress.


God is a miracle-working God, but He also expects us to do our part in the natural and carefully think about the decisions we are making regarding our finances.


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The Natural and Supernatural

There’s a common theme that runs through the Word of God—we do natural things, and God does supernatural things.

We walk around the walls of Jericho, and God knocks them down. We lay hands on the sick, and He does the healing. We preach the Gospel, and He does the saving.

When God placed man on this planet, man’s part was to do the natural side, and God’s part was to do the supernatural side. God told Adam, “I want you to take care of the Garden, have dominion over the earth and subdue it, and I want you to be fruitful and multiply.” Everything God asked Adam to do was natural. If we’ll do the natural, He’ll do the supernatural.

The way we accelerate the supernatural in our lives is to make sure that we’re doing the natural. That means we must find out from the Word of God what we need to do in the natural, so that God can do His part supernaturally on our behalf. It’s only then that we will walk in the blessing of God.

“If you fully obey the Lord your God and carefully follow all his commands…all these blessings will come upon you….” (Deuteronomy 28:1-2 KJV).


When it comes to walking in financial blessing, we can’t sit back and expect God to do everything. We must do the natural part that He instructs us to do, so that He can then do His supernatural part to bring it to pass.


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Practical Prayer Tips for Couples


As a couple, the prayer of agreement is a powerful tool.

God highly esteems unity. Jesus said in Matthew 18:19 (ESV), “Again I say to you, if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”  The husband and wife who will take the time to pray together will not only create unity and harmony in their home, but God will work on their behalf to bring their requests to pass.

Here are a few practical tips to help you and your spouse get started praying together.

  1. Make a detailed list of requests that include every area of your home, family, work, etc.
  2. Write major requests on index cards that you can carry with you. Write out at least three scriptures on the back of each card as a reference for your faith.
  3. Be thankful when you pray. Start each prayer with a “thank you, God” attitude.
  4. Be specific when praying, and remember, there is no situation too small or too big that you can’t pray in agreement over,
  5. Keep it short and to the point. Many things don’t require you to pray for hours.
  6. Keep a prayer journal of your requests. As they are answered, date them and check them off the list.

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Learning to Speak Up

Don’t be the person who misses out on things in life because you didn’t speak up.

You didn’t communicate that a change needed to happen, or that you believed you were a great candidate for a specific position, and it resulted in a missed opportunity.



(Read more about how to avoid missing another opportunity.)

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How to: Communicate with Your Spouse

In marriage, you are going to have to communicate with your spouse all the time. You can’t avoid it if you want to build a strong, healthy relationship.

Talking at and communicating with your spouse are two different things.


Many people fall into the pattern of avoidance. They think that they shouldn’t cause conflict, so they shouldn’t get “real” with their spouse, but that’s not right.

Other people feel that it’s their responsibility to say whatever hits their brain and that’s not right either.

You and your spouse are meant to be a problem solving team. You are a gift from God to each other. You have a responsibility to help each other get better, but you must also remember that they are a child of God and you are to walk in love with them.


Laugh-and-learn a few tips on communicating with your spouse.

Get the Marriage Building 101 small group kit and start helping couples while building a stronger marriage. 


It’s important that you avoid getting offended when your spouse points something out that you could improve. Yes, it’s important for them to do this in love and not in a hurtful manner, but it’s your responsibility to keep the channels of truthful communication open, so they feel comfortable enough to share. In this way, you are both getting better and stronger – together.



Don’t try to be “nice” because that kind of communication only builds walls between you two. Walk in love because that will build the intimacy needed to create an even stronger, healthier marriage.

Gain the skills you need to give the right response to the right person at the right time – including your spouse.


Click for more marriage building resources.


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Kids Need Their Own Experience


“And this is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.” (John 17:3 NKJV).

As a parent, it’s easy to think because you love God, and have gone to church all of your life, and have been diligent to make sure your kids attend church regularly, that they will just automatically love God and want to serve Him too. However, your kids won’t love God automatically just because you do. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 9.24.06 PM

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Parents, Stay in Faith

As parents, we have the amazing task of teaching and training our kids so that when they leave home, they’ll have a solid foundation and the tools they’ll need to be successful in life. That can seem like a pretty overwhelming job!

As our kids approach the time when they step out on their own, we may think,Where has the last 19-20 years gone? Did I invest enough time in them? Do they have everything they need? Will they make it on their own without going stupid? Continue reading…