[Ep. 186] What Are You Saying to Your Children?

As parents, we say a lot to our children, but we need to make sure that we are watching our words.

What we say to and about them carries a lot of weight with them whether they admit it or not. Listen in to this classic episode of Fighting for Families radio with Joe as he shares on the importance of what we say.

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[Ep. 190] Raising Responsible Children

When are you going to be responsible? Have you ever asked your kids this — or at least thought it in your head?

A mom’s to-do list can feel like a never-ending list [the same thing applies to parents in general.]  Listen in to this classic episode of Fighting for Families radio as Joe and his wife, Denise had a conversation about raising responsible children.

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[Ep. 414] Does Parenting Ever End?

Have you ever wondered when parenting stops?

The culture would tell us that parenting stops when your child becomes an adult. But the truth is that parenting continues forever. Your children will need you to be a parent when they are 50 and you are 70. Many parents are facing a transition with their children as graduation and the summer approaches. This is a good time to consider the legacy you are depositing into your children.

Joe and Matt discuss parenting in this episode of Fighting for Families.

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[Ep. 405] What If You’re Stuck?

Sometimes in your life, you feel stuck.

When that happens in your finances, it can cause more problems than just in your wallet. Often times, our health suffers from increased stress, our marriages grow tense, and our kids lose time with us.

In this episode, Joe and Matt discuss these issues and Joe teaches on how to get unstuck.

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[Ep. 408] Can You Pray for Money?

Money can be a touchy subject. As Christians, we know that we can’t just use God to get rich, but God’s Word says that He will meet our needs [Philippians 4:19]. Many folks get confused on where the line is between those two things.

In this episode, Joe and Matt discuss what the Bible says about money and how to get the amount you need.



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[Ep. 396] Ask, Pray, Praise

There are three keys to accessing all that God has promised you in your finances.

In this episode of Fighting for Families radio, Joe and Matt discuss how you can practically ask, pray, and praise yourself into financial stability.

Join in as you laugh and learn to Joe’s stories and biblical inspiration.


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