[Ep. 313] Raising Your Kids Well

Do you want to be a bad parent?

No one does.

We all want to be good parents and to raise our children well. Unfortunately, none of us were born parenting experts. The good news is that God’s Word is the guide we need to learn to raise our children well.

Listen as Joe shares a message with you on raising your children well. Raising your children well is an important part of extending your family’s legacy.

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This Month on Fighting for Families Radio

We’re talking about success this month on Fighting for Families radio.

Success can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but everyone wants to succeed. Every day, whether we think about it or not, we’re wanting to succeed at what we’re doing (our job, our family relationships, a new skill,etc.).

(Here’s a preview from Joe about what’s coming up this month on Fighting for Families radio.)

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God, the BEST Father Ever!

Did you know you had the best father?

The Best Father


Many of us might think of our parents and say we definitely have the best dad in the whole world. Sadly, there are those of us who haven’t had good fathers and our view of that role is one of disappointment or hurt.

Whether your experience with your earthly father was good or bad, when it comes to fathers, God is the absolute BEST Father in the world!

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