Bigger and Better

Following God’s vision can bring major changes in your life. It may even require you to do a complete one-eighty. You may have already chosen a specific path for your life, and you’re pursuing it with a passion. Then, God shows you His vision for your life and all of a sudden things change—priorities, goals, and relationships, just to name a few. Continue reading…

Building Something: Pray Together

It’s important to realize that great marriages don’t just happen. Great marriages are built. The relationship you have with your spouse is the most intimate and precious relationship you will have on this earth. Let’s take time to build something great!

Marriage Building Tip#3


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Building Something Great: Dream

Having someone to share life’s journey together with is a gift.

And in spite of all the craziness life can bring, you can have a great, loving, and successful marriage! As we’ve talked about before, you don’t find a great marriage; you build one.

Marriage Building Tip


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How To Communicate With Your Spouse



It’s important to realize that there is a difference between talking and communicating. A person who’s a good talker isn’t automatically a good communicator. Communication skills aren’t something we’re born with. We have to learn those skills and then continue to grow and develop in them. Continue reading…