Friday Funnies: Well That Got Serious

Do you remember the first really serious conversation you had with your spouse? The one that maybe caught you off guard and went deep in a hurry?

If you’ve been married more than 48 hours you probably answered yes. You can talk forever when you’re dating, but there’s something about being married that makes conversations change.

That’s what happened to Joe about two weeks after getting married. Laugh-and-learn from his experience with this serious topic.

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What to Do When You Have the “Perfect” Comeback


Have you ever been in an argument and couldn’t think of a thing to say until 10 minutes later when you finally had the perfect comeback? 

We’ve all been there. But what happens when you get the “perfect” comeback at the “perfect” time? The temptation to rattle that off to our spouse or whomever we’re arguing with is strong.

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How Organization Can Help Your Marriage

For many of us, when we were dating, it seemed like we had endless hours to spend together.

Fast forward 5, 10, 20 years or more of marriage and it can be difficult to find where our “dating time” went.

Disorganization causes us to spend time doing things we have to do versus things we would like to do. Work is a part of life, but we can improve the quality of our lives and relationships by putting some effort into getting things put in order. Continue reading…

(Marriage) How To: Pray for Your Spouse


You and your spouse are a problem-solving team. Every day you’re going to be faced with “opportunities” to solve problems together.

Children need braces, cars need repairing, dryers need new doors, and finances need budgeting. If we’re not careful, it’s easy to let ourselves get tired and agitated when we face these situations.

The last thing you need as a team is to start turning on each other. And the best way to guard against that is to pray for and with each other.


Listen in as Joe gives tips for praying with and for your spouse.

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FRIDAY FUNNIES: Dogs and Marriage


Love is a four letter word, but it’s not a curse word. Love is expensive and it will cost you.

God gave His one and only Son because He loved us. In marriage, almost everyday will bring a new opportunity to compromise and walk in love.

Laugh and learn as Joe and Denise share their most recent “opportunity” to walk in love. Continue reading…

How to Show Your Spouse You Love Them

 Valentine’s Day is a great day to do something special for your spouse, but it shouldn’t begin and end with one day. Love is a 365 days a year kind-of-thing. It involves falling back in love over and over again.

Here are some laugh-and-learn ideas for wives and for husbands from each other’s perspective. Everyone has a unique personality, but these ideas may help you get creative. Continue reading…

Are You Qualified to Lead?

Think about anything you want to get better at. You work at it don’t you? 

The same applies to your marriage relationship. If you want to get better at communication or develop a stronger sense of intimacy —it helps to work at it by learning more about how to do that.

God’s Word is the greatest marriage resource you’ll ever have. He created marriage.

One way to work at it is to study what His Word says by being part of  a small group. Getting together with other believers and studying God’s Word will help you grow as a person, as a family, and as a community.

In order to have small groups, someone has to start one. Someone has to volunteer to lead. One thing we see everywhere we go is a sense of feeling unqualified to lead—especially when it comes to marriage and parenting topics.

The reaction should be just the opposite! Turn the focus outwards. How many other people are struggling, feeling hopeless, and needing a sense of community? Don’t focus on your qualifications. Focus on the need. See the need and fill it.  Continue reading…