In marriage, we must never get to a point where we think we know our spouse so well that we can just sit back, coast through life, and expect that they will remain the same.

People change—not just outwardly, but inwardly.

If you’ve been married any length of time, your spouse is not the same person you said your vows to on your wedding day. They’ve changed. They have the same name, birthdate, and social security number, but they’re not the same person. Most likely they have a different standard of living, a different outlook on life, and different attitudes and expectations. Over the years they’ve grown into a different person.

Even Jesus grew and changed so that His own parents didn’t quite understand Him. He would say things to them, and they would just look at Him, not understanding what He meant. He was changing in front of them—growing in wisdom. The people in Jesus’ hometown didn’t see the change in Him either.

They still pictured Him as the local carpenter’s kid and couldn’t believe He was a prophet, teacher, or that He could do miracles. As a result, they missed out on some good things He could have done for them.

It’s important to take a new “picture” of your spouse on a regular basis and understand that change is going to happen. If you only see your spouse the way they were five years ago, one day you’ll look up and wonder what in the world happened to the person you married. Your spouse has been changing right before your eyes, but many times change happens so gradually it goes unnoticed.

Allow for growth and change in your spouse. Stay current with the changes that may be happening inside of them. Take a new picture!

The Take Away:

How do you take a new picture? By taking time to just sit down and talk. Find out if there are new things your spouse is interested in doing or accomplishing. Do they have personal goals and dreams that you don’t know about? Communication is a big part of every marriage relationship. It’s the “camera” that will help you take a new picture.

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