A lady called into our live radio program one day and said, “Mr. McGee, we love your program.”

“We have all of your teachings on parenting and marriage. They are so good. They have helped us as parents and have saved our family. But I’d like to ask a question: what are the three most important things you did as a parent that helped your children?”

I said, “Well, the greatest thing I think we ever taught our kids was about sin.”

That’s what we’re talking about today. We need to teach our children to run to God — especially when they have messed up.

The Take Away:

God doesn’t hold grudges when we sin, and He isn’t waiting for us to step out of line so that He can beat us over the head and punish us. He’s a good Father who loves us and wants us to run to Him, confess what we did wrong so that we can stay in fellowship with Him, and He can bless our lives.

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