Building a Legacy of Hope Restored

Thank you, partners, for joining us in reaching families across the country and around the world through our seminars, resources, and the new Fighting for Families radio outreach.


Take a moment to read just a few of the notes we’ve received from listeners, viewers, and seminar attendees, whose lives have been touched through God’s Word because of your generosity.


As a wife and mother of eight, I find Joe’s humor and message to be just what I need mid-day to lift me up. I listen from my computer as I work from my home office. When My kids walk in the door from school I am renewed in spirit, word, and heart. Today my husband worked from home and we were in tears laughing as we could relate to Joes’s stories….in the end it led us to time in scripture in the middle of our work day!

– Fighting for Families podcast listener

Love your program; listen daily…you have helped us so much with our new way of thinking. Thank you so much. Things have changed in our home for the better…

I heard Joe speak years ago and really enjoyed the way he explains family, marriage, finances and faith in a real down to earth way. His stories are always hilarious! I appreciate being able to listen to something new everyday while I work.

Last week my mom showed me a video of you online. Your name stuck with me, so I looked it up online. I found parenting videos…The past few days I have been watching them, I’m on session 4. It has given me so many things to think about! I also downloaded your free digital series for single parents, I plan to listen to those next…Thank you for your thought provoking seminars. This year I hope to be more diligent at burying the word of God deep in their hearts.

These podcasts, and now this radio show, always lift my spirit and renew my mind toward my faith and my family. I listen while I work from home…I am so thankful to God for your ministry!

– Fighting for Families podcast listener

Love Joe’s honest and humorous approach to the principles of God. Keep up the good work!

I so enjoy listening to you. I wake every morning at 6:30 to tune in and learn

– Fighting for Families radio listener

My husband comes home almost every day and tells me what Joe has to say on different matters since he listens on his way to work. I usually just watch on Youtube.

Thank you and your whole team for the show. It is making a world of difference in him and in our relationship.

-Fighting for Families radio listener

We all LOVE your devotionals and video clips! You make it so real and attainable. We are so very thankful for this simple, yet effective tool to have God’s great Word put into their lives every morning. Oh we are so thankful!!

I cannot express how grateful I am for your latest post on being the perfect parent.  Thank you for the encouraging word. Please don’t ever stop doing what you do.

…My whole family loves the way he teaches. My sixteen year old daughter and I listen to Joe’s Podcast almost every morning on the way to drop her off at her high school. The mornings we don’t listen, we talk. His messages are a huge blessing to us. We can’t wait for him to come back to Conroe and pray this ministry continues to grow and bless families like ours everywhere.

I heard about your ministry on the oasis network in Branson, 3:00pm. Your ministry has been a real blessing. In addition to being a restaurant owner I’m also a firefighter and have had the opportunity to share Joe’s videos with others in our dept and have been well received. There’s a world that is hungry for good news and God’s promises. Thank you again for your ministry.

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We’ve had a great response to this new outreach, but it’s not enough to be where we are. We are still striving to be where we haven’t gone yet.

Here are just a few of the messages we’ve received from people who’d like Fighting for Families in their area. Together, we can continue to reach more families than ever in 2016.

Thank you for your partnership. You are making a difference in not just a single life, but a family. You’re helping to build a legacy of hope.


I listen on Klove on 97.1…You have a great message and we all need to join the fight for families.

– Lori (Nashville)

Fighting for Families needs a station in Birmingham!

– Alyssa (Birmingham)

We need a station in Houston, Texas.

– Carolyn (Houston)

I live in Claremore OK… We would love to hear you on the radio here!!!

– Tina (Claremore)

…His materials for family finances and the concepts were just so helpful to us and on how we need to frame our mindsets in terms of family, finances and responsibility. I would love to be able to hear the radio program in St. Cloud, MN

– (St. Cloud)

I just wanted to ask when you might be adding Kansas City, MO to your list of stations. Springfield is the closest to us but we need to hear you in KC. Thank you!

– Linda (Kansas City)

I live in Blanchard, OK and would like to know of any stations, AM or FM that would reach the area.

– Pat (Blanchard)

[vc_cta h2=”This Month’s Radio Offer” h4=”Help families and build a stronger family.” txt_align=”center” color=”black”]For a special gift of $35 or more for the Fighting for Families radio outreach, we’ll send you a thank you gift of the, “Biblical Parenting Essentials Set.”

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With your gift, we are able to expand our radio outreach to cities like the ones above. Our goal is to be a resource for people to use on the mission field of their life.


Thank you for sharing hope through God’s Word.

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