Thank You from Lubbock, TX

“Just wanted to say thank you from Lubbock Texas. Around 15yr ago you were at COTR and talked about Christians getting out of debt. You prayed with me and God talked to me and gave me a plan and a time for me to be debt free and able to do more for his people. I am happy to say that this has come to full circle. God got me out of debt 5 years earlier than he said he would . We had medical bills that he paid in full and a home he paid off and never one time were we not be able to pay our bills or to give God what was his. I cold not see how he could do this at the time but once again he showed me just how great he is. There is a lot more to the story but for now I just want to Thank You for helping me to know the Great Love the Father has for his family.”

-Linda W.