Do you want a practical tip on how to make friends and connect with people?

Whether you’re at school, on the job, at a social event, or even at a family reunion learn how to apply the “30-second rule.” The first time you meet someone take 30 seconds to say something encouraging or complimentary. First impressions do matter, so be salt and be light when you first meet people.

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Ecclesiastes 10:12 (AMP) says, “The words of a wise man’s mouth are gracious and win him favor, but the lips of a fool consume him.”
Don’t be the kind of person who starts sharing a bunch of negative stuff the minute you meet someone. It’s only after you’ve established a relationship with someone that there’s a little more freedom to be candid and express controversial personal opinions.
Another good tip is when you go to a social event don’t spend the entire time talking about “I”, “me”, and “mine.”

Make it a point to see how much you can find out about others and allow them to share about themselves—their interests, their family, and their work. Bottom line, you already know everything there is to know about you, so take time to find out about others.

Learn to be a good listener. It’s easy to connect with people when you show a genuine interest in them. Begin with the “30-second rule!”


Practice the “30-second rule” everywhere you go. You don’t have to engage people in a lengthy conversation. When you’re checking out at the grocery store or being served at a restaurant, take a few seconds to be friendly and speak a kind, encouraging word! Remember, your gracious words will win you favor!






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