Have you ever kicked over an anthill? What happens? By the next day, those hardworking, little ants will have rebuilt that entire hill. They’re not deterred by opposition.

They don’t quit. They just start pushing all that dirt back into place again until that hill is rebuilt. That’s what they’re called and gifted to do.

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Knowing the plan of God for your life does not mean that it will just automatically come to pass. It does not remove opposition, nor does it guarantee that you’ll have smooth sailing.


Just because you know what God has gifted and called you to do, it will not keep tests and trials from coming into your life. Paul and Barnabas were called and even set apart for the ministry, but they still experienced opposition. Their boat sunk. They got beat up. And they were thrown in prison.

Knowing what God’s called you to do doesn’t make life easier. It helps you to not give up and quit when things get rough! It gives you the determination and confidence to keep going through the tough times so you can fulfill your vision and your purpose. It gives you an attitude of victory! You are resolute in the fact that, “God will make this happen, for he who calls you is faithful” (1 Thessalonians 5:24 NLT).

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Knowing God’s plan for your life will help you stay the course no matter what opposition comes. You know God’s called you for a specific purpose, and you’re confident He will give you the grace to finish what He’s called you to do!