Don’t stop the special considerations and kind gestures now that Valentine’s Day is over.

Take the Happy Challenge today and find a way to show your spouse that you are thinking about them.


Ask yourself, “What one thing can I do to make my spouse happy today?” It doesn’t have to be a big thing or something that you have to buy.  

Ask yourself, “Is there something that I can do to show them I care, to make their load easier, or to make them smile today?” 

[This also works for parents, friends, and family.]

One very powerful thing you can do for your spouse is to pray for them.

Prayer is powerful. You and your spouse should be praying for family, God’s plan for your life and for each other because prayer gives God permission to move on your behalf.


1. Start with yourself.

2. It’s much easier to say, “Would you pray with me about this for a minute?” than to launch an official “devotional time.”

3. Make a detailed list of needs in every area of your home, family, work, etc.

4. Put major requests on index cards you can carry with you. Write out at least three scriptures on the back of each card as a reference for your faith.

5. Start each prayer with a thankful attitude.

6. Be as specific and detailed as possible when praying.

7. Keep it short and to the point.

8. When you are through praying, briefly ask your spouse if there is anything they need prayer for. If not, thank them for agreeing with you and go on about your business.

Even if your spouse doesn’t want to pray with you, that doesn’t mean you can’t see God work in your life, your family and your marriage.

Watch and Be Encouraged

The Take Away

Remember, you are not looking for a reward. It is something you do just because you love them.  Just do something for no other reason than the fact that they are special to you.

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