Two is a powerful number. God knew what He was doing when He established marriage. He understood the powerful benefit and blessing it would be.

The greatest weapon God has on this planet is two people who are in agreement. The devil knows that too, which is why he is always trying to cause division. But Jesus is always trying to unite. That’s why Jesus prayed, “Father, make them one, the way You and I are one” (John 17:21).

Jesus knows that two people united together as one is a tremendous force and can accomplish great things.

Marriage is a gift from God, and there is power in unity. But strong, successful marriages don’t just happen automatically; they are built. Just like Jesus said He would build His Church, strong marriages don’t happen overnight but require a buildingprocess. For your marriage to stand successfully, it must be built on God’s Word.

If you and your spouse will determine to build your marriage together on the foundation of God’s Word, your marriage can become a force to be reckoned with when dealing with life’s challenges and the devil’s opposition. You and your spouse can have a marriage that is an example to others of what a godly, healthy, happy relationship can be.

The Take Away

God intended for marriage to be the joining together of two people into one unit, or one flesh. That includes growing together spiritually. As a couple, take the time to pray and read the Word together. Compile a prayer list of goals and get in agreement over them. Remember, two people walking in unity together with one heart and one mind can accomplish great things!

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