A peacemaker is a problem solver.

Many people think that a peacemaker is someone that completely avoids all controversy or someone who just tries to calm everyone down and smooth over the situation. However, Jesus never ran from confrontation. He had no problem confronting people or situations that came against Him, and yet He is called the “Prince of Peace.” 

Don’t run from the confrontation in your life. Don’t feel overwhelmed. God has called you to be a peacemaker, and that means you have been equipped as well.

The Take Away

As born again children of God, we are anointed to be problems solvers! That’s what we do. As Christians, part of our job description is to fix what hell has damaged and broken, and we’re equipped and anointed by God to do it. When we get up in the morning, the devil ought to break out into a cold sweat and say, “Oh, my god, they’re up!” Yes, we are, Devil! Watch out!

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