It doesn’t take rocket science to realize that men and women are different. God made us that way on purpose.

You’ve heard the saying, “Opposites attract,” and many times that’s true.

But even if you and your spouse have similar personalities and dispositions, there’s no denying that men and women think, see, and feel differently. Men and women process things differently. So the first time you start to solve problems together you are going to realize something in a hurry—you and your spouse are different.

As a result, many times when two people get married, it doesn’t take long before they start getting frustrated and mad at each other for the very reasons God made them uniquely different. They think their spouse should think, feel, and see things just like them, so they try to “fix” their spouse. But your spouse isn’t supposed to be like you. You married somebody who’s different. They are God’s gift to you to make you better.

When you get married, your spouse’s unique differences are intended by God to complement and benefit you. Your strengths will cover your spouse’s weaknesses and vice versa.

Together, you make each other stronger. 

[Learn more about making your differences work.]

The Take Away

Magnify your spouse’s strengths. Make a conscious effort to see, recognize, respect, and appreciate the strengths and gifts in your spouse. Make it a point to encourage them and help bring out their gifts. You will have strengths where they are weak. Use those strengths to compensate for their weaknesses.

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