School may be out, but the teaching should continue.

As parents, God has called us to teach and train your children. The obstacle many parents face is not knowing where to start.

Over the course of 30 years training families from all walks of life, Joe has developed resources to encourage and equip parents as they teach and train their children.

Here are a few of Joe’s favorite tools…



Telling Your Child the Truth Scripture Card Set

Children are born to believe. If they don’t hear the truth, they’ll believe a lie. The only way to combat a lie is with the truth. As parents, it’s important that we tell our children the truth! We have to tell them who they are in Christ. When we do that we are getting the truth down deep in their heart.

The Cards:

Each card has a statement on the front [like in the product image] and the scriptures that relate to that statement on the back. You can tell your child the truth and teach them how to study God’s Word at the same time.

What People Are Saying: 

“My kids request these every night before bed! We love them!” – Riley

“I love these cards! We do them everyday!! Such a great resource!” – Kim

“We have these cards and the kiddos love to hear what God says about them.” – Krystal

“It really works.” – Kathy


Egermeier’s Bible Story Book

As a Christian School Administrator, Joe taught Chapel for 10 years and during that time he used the Egemeier’s Bible Story Book to give the students a foundational understanding of God’s Word.

Each story in the Bible is boiled down to one to two pages and is perfect for a daily routine.



As a parent of teens or college age children, this resource will help you as you guide them through the process of discovering their God-given gifts and getting a vision for their life.

Joe highly recommends the book, Discover Your God-Given Gifts by Don and Katie Fortune. In the Purpose Pack, we have added two more great tools to help your young adult learn about their gifts, and find out how to start using them.





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