When Paul was on the road to Damascus he got knocked off his horse and a very interesting thing happened: his eyes were blinded. He had a vision, not with his natural eyes, but with his spiritual eyes. He was blind, but he saw something nobody else saw and it changed his life. (See Acts 9:1-9)

Even without natural eyesight you can still see. Your spirit can see. That’s why God said, “If you don’t see spiritually, you’re going to perish.” (See Proverbs 28:18)

 The enemy will try to throw natural things at you to shut you down, distract you and make you give up. But if you can see with your spiritual eyes, you can see the truth.

The truth is that God said with Him all things are possible, that we are over-comers in Christ Jesus, that we have been gifted and called for a purpose.


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If you can’t see it with your heart, you can’t possess it. You can only have what you can see. 

So how do you see yourself five years from now? Do you see yourself stronger or weaker? Has the enemy put a vision before you that you’re never going to change? If so, then stop and consider that you’re looking at life with natural eyes instead of spiritual eyes.

There’s little in the natural to make you think things would change for the better. The enemy is going to throw circumstances at you. He’s going to buffet you with the tests and trials of life. 

Jesus said these would come to every one of us. (Luke 6:46) If you don’t have spiritual insight, your natural eyesight will depress you and you’ll give up and pull back. God says, “I have no pleasure in those who pull back.” (See Hebrews 10:38)

I’m doing what I’m today because I saw myself here. I didn’t see it in the natural, but I knew it was coming. God showed my wife and I back in 1975 that one day we were going to travel and work with families. I used to get F’s in oral book reports and growing up I ran to the house when I heard a plane, but today what I do is fly and speak in public. If I had focused on the problem I wouldn’t have moved forward with the vision God had given me.

I could see it and I began to act upon it until finally I was living it.

God can do anything with us if we will just open our spiritual eyes, see what He sees and do what He tells us to do. 

We’re on a journey that just keeps getting better and better. We’re going from faith to faith and from glory to glory.
 (Proverbs 4:18 )

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