Have you ever gone to the grocery store and walked up and down the aisles trying to remember what you wrote down on the list that you accidently forgot to bring with you? When you get home, there are items you’re missing because you didn’t have the list.  

God knows that writing things down is important. That’s why He wrote down the Ten Commandments for Moses and didn’t just have Moses commit them to memory. That’s why God had the Holy Spirit inspire certain people to write down the words He gave them so that those words could all be put in a book called, The Holy Bible 

The vision and plan that God has for our lives is pretty important. Habakkuk 2:2 talks about writing down the vision. Why? Because it will “tarry” (verse 3). It won’t come to pass right away. It’s going to take some time to get from point A to point Z, and there may be obstacles, road bumps, and a few detours that come up as you walk out that vision. But if you have it written down, then even if you end up taking a detour, you can pull out that vision God gave you five, ten, twenty years ago, read what He told you, and get back on track. Writing things down will help you stay focused and on course.

Vision  Buster:

The plan of God for our lives won’t happen overnight. If we don’t write it down when He gives it to us, we may forget what He told us in the beginning and then begin to question our direction and purpose when the going gets tough. 

Vision Builder:

Writing down your vision will help hold you steady and keep you on track. 

Take Action:

It’s never too late to write down the things God has spoken to you to do, or the personal goals that you’ve had in your heart for years. Write them down today. Start taking steps to accomplish them. Don’t just have idle daydreams. Make plans, take steps, and do what’s necessary to see those dreams become a reality.

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