Having a sense of purpose will cause you to attempt things you never thought you could do. It will cause you to reach beyond your own natural abilities, trust God, and tap into the ability of the Holy Ghost inside of you.

 In 1 Samuel chapter 17 we read about David, a young kid with a big vision. Compared to Goliath, who was a seasoned warrior, David was just a puny, little teenager. But that didn’t make any difference to David. David knew he had a covenant with God, and David had a vision!
His big brother, Eliab, got angry at David, thinking he was just being cocky, and told him to go home. But David ignored him and said, “Is there not a cause?” Then he said, “Did I hear there’s a reward for killing this guy? Did you say the king would make him rich, and he’d get to marry the king’s daughter, and his family would be made free? Seriously?! Where’s that uncircumcised Philistine! I’m going to take his head off of his shoulders!”
That vision resounded so strongly inside of David, that he didn’t falter or hesitate one bit! He ran toward Goliath, and he was swinging his slingshot as he ran! He used all the gifts, talents, and skills he had, and God did the rest! That giant didn’t stand a chance! It was all because a teenage boy had a vision and believed in His God!


David knew His God, and David had a vision! Those two things caused him to step out beyond his own abilities and trust that God would help him conquer a giant and fulfill a vision! Those two things are all you need too!


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