“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7 NIV). 

If God’s Word says we’re responsible to provide for our families, then we need to know what we’re good at because that’s what we’ll get paid to do. We need to find out what our gifts and callings are, and we’ve got to learn how to turn our God-given talents into provision for our households.  

God gives each of us gifts and talents, but they are in a “raw” undeveloped state. We have to do our part to develop those gifts if we’re going to turn them into cash. When I was born, the doctor didn’t tell my mom, “And by the way, Mrs. McGee, here’s God’s plan for your son’s life, and these are the things he’s gifted to do.” No. They gave my mother a box of cloth diapers and a binky and that was it. 

Only God knows the plan for my life. If I want to know what it is, I have to ask Him for it. And I have to find out what my gifts and talents are and develop them so that I can use them to fulfill God’s plan. That’s how I’ll provide for my family and have a successful life.
Discover how to find your God-given gift.

The Take Away

Do you know what your gifts are? If so, have you developed them to their full potential? Is there something you can do to further enhance, increase, or add to those abilities? Increasing your abilities and knowledge will allow you to increase your channels of income.  

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